A place for everything...

A place for everything…

I have a lot of stuff. I am neither proud nor ashamed of this fact. After all, it is just a fact. And I like having stuff. (Secretly, I think people who go on and on and on about how they “don’t need much” and “love living simply” are lying. Because even if you don’t need much, it’s nice to have nice stuff.)

Still, I recognize that, at least in some categories, I have too much stuff. (Cardigans, for example. I have too many cardigans.) So it is time to reconsider my attachment to my mere earthly possessions.

UFYH says that, if the stuff is taking over your life, you have two options: get more storage or have less stuff. I am in the unique position where I do have more storage available, I’m just not using it very well. Also, I should probably get rid of some stuff.

So far, I’ve emptied out my sweater drawers, refolded everything, forced myself to get rid of the truly nasty things (Catholic uniform sweater that I’ve had for more than a decade? Gone!) and put it all back in the proper place. I figure that, six months from now, the things that are still neatly folded can be given away because they aren’t getting used here.

Still, I doubt my sweater collection will get smaller anytime soon. After all, I like stuff. And sweaters are some of my favorite stuff.